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Not All Face Masks are created equal!

Do you know the type or even the quality of face masks you are about to wear? Does it matter ?



Especially when it comes to protecting ones health from a respiratory virus so microscopic it can actually pass through traditional textile materials with ease.


Has your face mask been manufactured, tested and has PASSED a 3rd party, independent, international testing standard (filtration, droplet penetration, etc)?

Face mask testing standards (ASTM F2100, EN14683, GB/T 32610, GB/T 38880, etc ) have been around for decades and are conducted by accredited scientific labs in order to ensure that their is no compromise in the performance of these devices when in use. Especially when it comes to protecting yourself, your family and those around you from a fatal pathogen (COVID-19).

What other groups won't tell you or provide you:

1. Not all manufacturers (nor their representatives/brokers/distributors) of face masks provide VALID certifications or CRITICAL TEST REPORTS issued by the third party ACCREDITED Science Lab testing facilities.

Our medical group has contacts within these respected global testing facilities that actually confirm each factory third party Certification

2. M4M does not partner with just any factory when it comes to providing our M4M brand of advanced filtering devices/face masks. Our team carefully reviews & confirms a factories LONGSTANDING capabilities, government approvals, certifications, export approvals, etc, specific to producing nonwoven face masks. 

Due to all the specialized manufacturing & scientific testing equipment required, the type of raw materials required and the precise engineering calculations involved, our group refuses to work with any startup factory that is still in its "experimental" infant stage.

3. Can a face Mask be marketed or labeled as FDA Certified or FDA Approved on the box/packaging? NO IT CAN NOT!

Having a FDA listed, FDA Registered (FDA Certificate of Registration) or FDA Export Certificate by the manufacturer is NOT the same as having a FDA Certified or a FDA Approved device. According to the FDA, the FDA logo is for the official use of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and not for use on private sector materials. To the public, such use would send a message that FDA favors or endorses a private sector organization or the organization’s activities, products, services, and/or personnel (either overtly or tacitly), which FDA does not and cannot do. 

4. Does your mask have what it takes ?

Not all masks have a proper external and internal Spunbond Polypropylene nonwoven nor a special middle filtering layer (nonwoven electrostatic meltblown), critical to the masks construction. This critical middle filtering layer, nano-web, must be electrostatic ion (+/-) charged.

Why is this, you ask? 

This  electrostatic charged filtering nanoweb is what a pathogen "Statically" attaches to, as one inhales or exhales, helping to limit the passage of the pathogen or virus through the mask. In order to reduce the "Static" discharge rate from this inner meltblown nonwoven layer of our M4M masks, one MUST limit the handling/touching of the mask to that of a Single-Use!

5. How long should I wear a mask ?

1ST, one must consider a number of factors when determining how long one should wear a face mask. If the mask it is made of a natural fabric/textile (like cotton), as one breaths in and out one exhausts tiny droplets from our breath that will get trapped inside ALL the layers of the cotton mask (like a sponge) over a short period of time. These droplets accumulate the moment one begins to breathe, speak, cough or sneeze, eventually saturating the mask, making it not only harder to breath but increasing the transfer of a virus throughout the entire masks layers (due to saturation).

Simple Experiment: If one were to take a cotton mask (1,2,3 or 4 layers), hold it away from ones face and with a spay bottle "mist" the mask (inside layer or outside layer). Then place it on your face and try to breath through it, the mask would now feel damp to the skin (touch) throughout its entire construction. Making it easier for a virus to spread (transfer) throughout all layers of the mask due to the saturation. Now breathing through the damp mask also becomes a challenge. 

Did you know that the average person, at rest, takes approximately 20,000 breaths a day. In addition, one's food or liquid intake also effects the performance of the cotton mask, as droplets exiting one's mouth will have an odor (thanks to the food or drink residue left behind in ones mouth, tongue, gums) that will also absorb into the fabric of the mask as one exhales. This odor (microorganism growth) quickly accumulates then wicks throughout all the fabric layers. The end result is a saturated, contaminated, smelly mask. Simply put, a petri dish of issues.


So what is the solution?

M4M provides ONLY scientifically engineered & lab tested masks that use advanced nano-web Medical Grade Spunbond Polypropylene types of nonwoven capable of repelling droplets. In addition, the middle layer is constructed of a fragile, nano-web static ion charged (+/-) meltblown nonwoven capable of capturing pathogens, while still allowing one to breath in and out from the mask.


What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin. In short, it is a very useful type of plastic, with numerous commercial, industrial and fashion applications. There are three general types of Polypropylene (PP): Homopolymer, Random Copolymer, and Block Copolymer. However, there is also numerous aspect ratios and geometry configurations of PP that can be constructed (hardness, grade, etc) in order to produce the exact, scientifically configured, nonwoven for that specific application.

i.e. commercial car filters, dashboards, diapers, packaging, bags, bottle caps, beach sandals, carpet, medical masks, etc.

Simple Experiment: Take a M4M supplied 3 Ply mask, hold it away from your face and with a spay bottle "mist" the mask (soft inside layer). Watch the mist droplets accumulate, then bead off this layer. Then place it on your face and try to breath through it. You still can! In fact, spray "mist" both sides of our masks. Watch the droplets bead off the mask.

In the medical profession, individuals are exposed to excessive droplets and airborne pathogens constantly. The masks outer layer must be constructed of a scientifically calculated Polypropylene Spunbond nonwoven layer that is LAB TESTED and CERTIFIED to REPEL DROPLETS from entering or exiting the mask. Once the mask is exposed to (blood, spit, cough, etc) it must be discarded and replaced immediately with a new mask to prevent cross contamination.


So Ask yourself, does your mask have what it takes to scientifically protect you and your family during this pandemic ?

M4M MICROSCOPE of Meltblown.jpg

M4M knows medical textiles & nonwoven materials inside and out! Why is this important when it comes to purchasing face masks?

M4M supplies organizations & countries located  throughout the globe, who rely on our organizations technical understanding (textile construction, testing, certification confirmation, factory vetting, and global logistics) when it comes to procuring filtering devices such as face masks during critical periods (pandemics).

M4M is one of only a handful of groups in Canada (North America) that has secure logistic routes in place (from China and other countries) that can fulfill ongoing medical face mask order demands.

Face masks and the special PP nonwoven materials used in the manufacturing mask process are constructed in specialized factories. The production of these nonwoven spunbond & nano meltblown (electrostatic) nano-filtering web materials is an extremely complex scientific process and require specialized equipment.


These filtering face mask devices are not as simple to construct and handle as some have alluded to in the media.


Unfortunately, during a pandemic, some so called mask manufactures and those who claim to represent these same manufacturers take advantage of those who simply do not understand the technical attributes of these types of medical devices.

The end result is hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on substandard mask devices that intern can lead ultimately to loss of lives.

Latest News Broadcasts

Health Canada suddenly declared the masks might be toxic. Quebec’s government spent $30 million to buy and distribute about 30 million of them: 

It’s the kind of anxiety-inducing news that most parents hope never to hear. After tens of thousands of Quebec teens and preteens were made to wear a new type of COVID-19 mask all winter, Health Canada suddenly declared the masks might be toxic.


The masks, easily identifiable because of their unusual grey-blue colour combination, were recalled in late March. They’re coated in a substance called graphene oxide that’s linked to lung disease and is now banned in Canada, at least temporarily.

But for months they were distributed in the millions—not just to adults but to minors, and across Canada, though the majority were used in Quebec, Health Canada says. Click here for more information.


Selena Ross
CTV News Montreal Digital Reporter
@seleross Contact

Gabrielle Fahmy
CTV News Montreal Videojournalist
@GabrielleFahmy Contact

Published Wednesday, April 14, 2021 9:02PM EDT
Last Updated Wednesday, April 14, 2021 9:20PM EDT


Manitoba yanks expired, 10-year-old face masks that cause rashes, teachers say: The government said the masks were purchased a decade ago for a different pandemic: H1N1 in 2009."Our members clearly got the message from public health that a medical-grade mask was necessary. We obviously look to the employer to provide those masks, and I think it's disappointing when issues like expiry date or a reaction to these masks come up." Louis Riel School Division in Winnipeg said it received 26,000 of these expired masks. The Manitoba Child Care Association said some child-care centres received the same expired masks from the province. Reported by Ian Froese with the CBC.


'Scammers used fake emails and cloned websites in an attempt to trick German health authorities into spending $16 million on face masks that didn't exist.': The criminals were paid a $1.6 million down payment before they were foiled by police, Interpol announced this week. ​The episode illustrates how scammers are cashing in on government agencies' desperation and need for fast results amid COVID-19. Reported by AAron Holmes


'Total disregard for people’s lives’: Hundreds of thousands of fake masks flooding markets as coronavirus depletes world supplies. 

Revealed: Counterfeit masks being shipped worldwide often made in unsterile sweatshops labelled with names of well-known medical supply companies and certification stamps, Borzou Daragahi reports. They even forge “CE” certification stamps and documents that purport to attest to European standards in the same way they used to forge Ralph Lauren or Gucci labels on shirts and purses.

'Coronavirus lives for hours in air particles and days on surfaces, new US study shows: The new coronavirus can survive for several hours in air particles and last days on surfaces, according to a new federally funded study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. PUBLISHED WED, MAR 18 202010:35 AM EDT by CNBC. 

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'Cumulative confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases reported by countries and territories in the Americas': This REPORT is updated by the Pam American Health Organization (World Health Organization).

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