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Orders are Shipped within 1-3 BUSINESS days following payment in full, excluding weekends and holidays.


Please contact at group at 866.409.5111 for Shipping options.


All PPE and medical devices listed on our website are considered "Personal Hygiene" items and therefore CANNOT BE RETURNED (regardless if packaging has been opened or not). So please make sure you have taken the time to read this information prior to completing your purchase.


Our medical group is confident that you would rather know that the medical garments or medical devices that you have purchased from our group have NEVER touched the body of another, prior to you receiving them. Unlike other organizations that accept medical device returns, then resell them. Our medical group has never and will never subject our patients to this type of practice! The fact that certain types of parasites/micro bacteria (MRSA and VRE) can survive on textiles for up to 90 days, is what initiated our strict No Return Policy in the first place. 


Get the Facts on INFECTIOUS DISEASES - Click Here

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