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RETAIL 10 PACK - these Non-medical use (Civil), disposable (single usage) Sealed Masks, 3 LAYER face masks are an Universal/Adult size, fully covers and insulates the nose, mouth, and chin.


Note: All our masks DO NOT contain graphene or biomass graphene.


BREATHABLE 3 LAYER FILTER TECHNOLOGY - These protective mouth masks are made from the finest materials. Their nonwoven PP (spunbond) & meltblown fabrics used are superior bacteria barriers. The inner PP barrier is gentle to the skin, non-toxic, and non-irritating. The outer PP layer is resistant to droplets (water, etc). No Latex. NO ODOR!


DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - Our Adult Non-medical use masks are designed to be soft, comfortable and breathable. The ear loops are soft and elastic, designed to RELEASE PRESSURE off the ears. It also comes with a built-in flexible nose strip that adapts to any face to ensure a proper mold to the nose, protection against bacteria and to help you breathe comfortably.

RETAIL 10 PACK - M4M Adult Face Masks (BFE≥90%) Blue | Black | CAMO

  • High-efficiency Meltblown Filtration

    Adopting electrostatic ion charged meltblown nonwoven, the filtration efficiency (BFE) of this mask is ≥90%.


    SEALED in a RETAIL 10 Pack (10 pcs/mask)

    DATE STAMPED (Production & Expiry)


    GB 32610:2016

    CONFIRMED Certification & Test Report


    Designed in Manitoba (Canada) | Factory in Anhui (PRC)

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